Attick Demons interview on Radio Antena 3

Attick Demons will be guests at tonight’s “Hipertensão” program on Radio Antena 3.

Guitarist Luis Figueira and vocalist Artur Almeida will be interviewed by António Freitas, talking about the new vinyl single “Ghost” and about the studio progressed related to the new upcoming album.

Hipertensão is a daily program at National radio “Antena 3”, and the heavy metal reference in Portugal.


UPDATE: You can listen to the archived show here.

Attick Demons in the Studio

I’m delighted to announce that, once again, Attick Demons are back to the studio recording their upcoming album scheduled to be released later this year.

The band as decided to work once again with our previous producer, Paulo Basilio, and we are back again to TDA Studios.

Pre-production was completed and drum tracking is currently being made by our new drummer “Ricardo Alonso”.

Keep an eye on Attick Demons Facebook page here, to be updated with the progress.


Hugo V. Monteiro

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Guitarist, Composer, Recording Artist and Producer.

Hugo is a musician, composer, recording artist and producer from Portugal. Mainly an heavy metal guitarist for the signed act Attick Demons from Portugal, an heavy metal band with a record contract with Pure Steel Records label. He has released one compilation album with other international recording artists, one full length album called “Atlantis” and one vinyl single called “Ghost” with Attick Demons, and performed live with Paul Di’Anno in Portugal, as a live session guitarist.

Other side projects include an heavy metal cover band called “Live After Demons”, mixing and producing his own music, that includes his own instrumental guitar yet-to-be-released debut album, as well as a “secret” heavy-metal project yet to be announced.

Besides these side projects, he continues working hard with Attick Demons.


No shows scheduled for now...

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