Guitarist, Composer, Recording Artist and Producer.

Hugo is a musician, composer, recording artist and producer from Portugal. Mainly an heavy metal guitarist for the signed act Attick Demons from Portugal, an heavy metal band with a record contract with Pure Steel Records label. He has released one compilation album with other international recording artists, one full length album called “Atlantis” and one vinyl single called “Ghost” with Attick Demons, and performed live with Paul Di’Anno in Portugal, as a live session guitarist.

Other side projects include an heavy metal cover band called “Live After Demons”, mixing and producing his own music, that includes his own instrumental guitar yet-to-be-released debut album, as well as a “secret” heavy-metal project yet to be announced.

Besides these side projects, he continues working hard with Attick Demons.

Early Years

Hugo’s music career started at around 4 years old, when he entered the revered private Music Academy, Academia de Música de Sta. Cecilia, in Portugal.
Studying there for several several years introduced him to the world of music, specially classical music, and this was a major influence in shaping is music character for the rest of his life.
There he studied music theory, sense of rhythm, ear training, singing, sight reading, music composition analysis, among other musical and non-musical studies.
He also learned to play several musical instruments including piano, flute and percussion instruments and participated in several events and recitals promoted by the school and for its students.

After he left the music Academy, he stopped taking any music lessons for around couple of years. Although he listened to allot of music, he stopped having any direct connection with music as a developing artist.

First Guitar

At the age of 15, the music “thing” exploded again when Hugo bought his first electric guitar. Being a self-taught person by nature, he learned to play guitar by himself by listening to his favorite music and learning by ear (something he learned to do at music Academy), and along the way he was invited and co-founded several bands. He played in bands from Alternative Rock to Hard Rock, from Hardcore to Punk and Heavy Metal to Death Metal.

Professional Level…The Reboot

After several years of playing as an hobby (and almost giving up the guitar completely since he had no goals set in music), the music “thing” kicked again, and this time was a bit more serious.
He set music goals to achieve and started to doing his research, studying and learning whatever he find interesting by incorporating the play-style of several world renowned guitarists and other musical influences. He was committed to level up is playing to a professional level.

At that time, he pushed himself to re-learn everything from the start, putting aside everything he has learned in the past and, using the internet as his main learning tool, he relearned: applied music theory for guitar, advanced guitar techniques and exercises, sense of melody, vibrato and learning to adapt music instruments and music styles to the electric guitar, among other things.


In 2007 he started taking guitar lessons with the internationally renowned guitar teacher Tom Hess, which lead him to enroll also in his “Music Careers Mentoring Program” classes to further improve himself as a guitarist, musician and to widen his knowledge about the music industry. At the same time he has also had the opportunity to have guitar lessons with then Rhapsody Of Fire‘s guitarist and composer Luca Turilli, which helped him to further open is mind into neoclassical guitar playing and composition.


His guitar and composition style spans several music genres and guitar players like Joe Satriani, Kirk Hammet, Dimebag Darrel, Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman, Gus G., Rocky Jorge, Frank Gamballe, Luca Turilli, George Lynch, Jesper Strömblad and Zoltan Bathory just to name the most important ones.