“Reunion” song on Macedonian National FM Radio 2

I’ve been recently invited to have my song “Reunion”, released on the compilation CD “Sonic Bridges”, played at Macedonian National FM Radio “Makedonsko Radio 2” on the weekly radio program “Mojo Alt”.

You can listen to the web streaming here.

Makedonska radio televizija (or MRT) is the public broadcasting organization of the Republic of Macedonia.


Attick Demons on Irmandade Metálica Festival DVD release

I’m proud to announce that the DVD from the 1st Irmandade Metálica Festival, where Attick Demons were invited to play in, has been released.

This is the first DVD of it’s kind, a real showcase of the underground heavy metal scene of the Lisbon area.

Track listing is a follows:

01. Enemy
02. Real life
03. Black light
04. God in childs eyes
05. Final victory
06. Shivan
07. Heart calls
08. Sound adrenaline
09. Never surrender

10. Inhuman
11. Chainsaw maniac
12. Self decapitation
13. Expose to suffering
14. Nest of horrors
15. Finishers thoughts
16. Obsessed by hate
17. Throught the filthy flesh
18. Gruesome flesh respawned

Attick Demons
19. Listen to the fool
20. Riding the storm
21. In memorian
22. The believer
23. The flame of eternal knowledge
24. Hallowed be Thy Name [Iron Maiden cover]
25. Moonlight walks

26. Maelstorm
27. Eagles fliyng
28. Predator
29. Divinity revealed
30. Shattered love
31. Walking blind
32. Redemption
33. Queen of the Mountain
34. Keep on riding

Sacred Sin
35. Monastery in darkness
36. The shades behind
37. Dawn over desolation
38. Ghoul plaged desolation
39. Blast for satan
40. Spellborn rotten
41. Apsaras
42. Eye m god
43. Translucid dream mirror
44. Darkside
45. The Trooper [Iron Maiden cover]